Baby Care

"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on," thus said the American poet Carl Sandburg. Everyone would agree that it is children who keep the humanity hopeful.

A Chinese proverb has it that there is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it. However, proper post-delivery care has to be taken in order to keep you smiling. The same care one had during pregnancy should be there even after the delivery. After all, it is said that any woman can give birth to a child, but being a mother requires more than giving birth.

From the time a woman realizes that she is going to be a mother, her waiting for the baby starts. While being mentally prepared for the birth of the child, the mother should also make sure that all the necessary stuff that one requires during and after delivery are already bought. By the eighth month of the pregnancy, you can start your preparations. You could go shopping to buy all that you and the baby would need post-delivery.

Extreme care has to be taken of the infants. Prer attention has to be paid on aspects such as the frequency of motion, passing urine and stool, watering and discharge from the eyes, baby's sleep, crying, vomiting, etc. Fever is a commonly found disease among the infants. There could be many reasons such as dehydration, infection, over warming, etc. Paracetamol is a household medicine, and it does well to keep a strip of Paracetamol tablet at home. However, medication should be under the prescription of a pediatrician..

Regular checkup and proper vaccination are required to ensure that your child remains healthy.

A mother bathing her baby is one of the most pleasurable sights. You need to be patient till the umbilical cord has fallen. You can do warm water sponging followed by quick drying and clothing.

Home-made food is the best food for babies, when they begin eating non liquid foods. However, other food supplements have to be given as time passes.

Childcare and parenting is not something to be frightened about. Get ready for the fun, Happy parenting!