Quality and comfort is the foreword of all we do. We strive hard to maintain the stringent standards and top notch quality throughout our production lines. From the sourcing of organic cotton, to ensuring the final product is 'baby ready' and hypoallergenic, we take utmost pride in the high quality of our baby wear.

All Popees products are manufactured using fine combed cotton that assures you of extra comfort for baby skin.

With a wide selection and affordable line of trendy outfits for children and newborn essentials Popees is your one stop destination for baby care.


The combed cotton we use is softer due to its lack of short threads that might stick out & prickle. All type of contaminations and dirt gets removed before processing it further. Yarn is made from combed cotton, which gets used to manufacturing dresses. All crinkles that form are removed using Balloon Padding. 


We use the dyeing process effectively for adding designs to the dresses of your loved ones. The wrinkles and crinkles formed by this dyeing process get removed through the process of Balloon Padding. When the knitted fabric is fed into this machine, it removes crinkles using heat from the steam it produces. 


We produce feather-soft fabrics that are healthy and hygienic to the softest baby skin. With us taking extra measures to make this happen by removing threads that can prickle them, you can confidently & happily use the baby-wear we produce for your loved ones. 


Our clothes are comfy, stylish, and trendy. They are made of high-quality cotton and cheap & affordable. Best suitable for babies of any household. Overall, the dress quality is top-notch with an affordable value attached to it. 
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